Ensemble “REIHE Zykan +” provides an antidote.

The vocal and instrumental ensemble “REIHE Zykan +”, founded 2020 by Irene Suchy and Michael Mautner, is dedicated, in addition to the relevant modern repertoire, to an aspect that is underexposed in the contemporary music landscape – humor and satire.

Based on the works of the ensembles’ namesgiver composer Otto M. Zykan and his contemporaries, the “scorn and sarcasm as an aesthetic strategy,” as Irene Suchy puts it, is appropriately taken into account.

For example: In 2020, the ensemble develops the program “Voice -, vocal – and instrumental measures for the Beethoven Year”, which respectfully but not submissively illuminates the year’s regent from hitherto little-noticed perspectives. The premiere at the Vienna Summer of Culture 2020 was exceptionally successful with the wide encompassing audience.

Here are the measures that, in addition to the programming decisions give the ensemble a new and independent profile:

– staging elements
– Audience participation in gestures, words and vocal performance
– Exchange of opinions as part of the concept.
– suitability for children and young people
– Music and: literature, animated film, visual arts, etc.
– „Sounding catalogs“ – explanatory recitations with music intensify the relationship between program, ensemble and audience

„Reihe Zykan +“ are:
• Irene Suchy – programming, dramaturgy and organization
• Michael Mautner – musical direction, programming
• Albert Sassmann – piano
• Anna Hauf, Johanna Falkinger, Johanna Zachhuber – vocals
• Marco di Sapia, Richard Klein, Gernot Heinrich – vocals
• Marianna Oczkowska, Joanna Lewis – violins
• Lena Fankhauser – viola
• Mara Achleitner – cello
• Kevan Teherani – percussions
• Josh Russo – live electronics
• and others

Irene Suchy AR9A0276